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in Argentina and Uruguay.



In Buenos Aires, students are sure to get a dose of Latin-America’s best and most passionate football. Should you be interested, we will accompany you to the stadium for a Sunday afternoon match. Easily frightened folks beware! The rivalries between teams are fierce and matches often become chaotic, especially between two rival teams in Buenos Aires: River Plate and Boca Juniors. Attending a Sunday afternoon match is a great and heart-stopping way to experience Argentina’s passion for soccer.

students watching an argentne polo matchIt is equally recommended to attend a polo match. Your experience will be quite different: an amazing, but quieter scenario. You will witness a different economic level, relaxed habits on the stands spiced with high speed and risk on the field. You will be amazed by the players’ remarkable skills.

Students are also able to watch or practise other sports, like horseback riding, tennis, etc. in various clubs and gyms throughout Buenos Aires. The parks of Palermo are probably the locals favorite place to do their weekly exercises. If you like to boulder, we will be happy to put you in contact with a climbing center close-by the school.

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