Learn Spanish

in Argentina and Uruguay.


Academic quality

SEA - Asociación de Centros de Idiomas de la República ArgentinaAcademia Buenos Aires is a language school accepted by SEA, Argentina’s language school association. SEA has a program called “student protection” that protects students of Spanish as a foreign language. This program allows students of associated centers to make suggestions, complaints and any type of comment with regard to their experience as students in Argentina. In case of complaints, students are invited to contact SEA.

CSN in Buenos Aires ArgentinaAcademia Buenos Aires has been chosen by Swedish international CSN students in Argentina for many years. We will help you plan your stay with us and fill in the necessary forms.


Amerigo Latin American Quality Language Schools

Amerigo is a network of Latin American Quality Language Schools. The member institutes share high quality standards and features that are especially attractive for students who want to learn Spanish in an immersion context. For the moment, Amerigo has four language schools among its members. They are based in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay and each of them is an academically acknowledged institution with a wide range of Spanish courses. They are all accredited partners of national language school associations and of international organizations (Tandem® and Instituto Cervantes). The network was founded with the intention to respond to the growing interest in travel and study language programs. The partner schools offer the same quality service for students eager to discover different cities while studying Spanish. For agents, Amerigo represents a selective group of top tier Spanish language schools in Latin America. AMERIGO Schools can be found in Buenos Aires – ArgentinaCórdoba – Argentina and Santiago de Chile – Chile.

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