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About us

In late 2004, we started as a small school in an even smaller office close to Plaza de Mayo. We were certain that our service would stand out for its quality. We have quickly lived up to our name and Academia Buenos Aires has become one of the leading Spanish schools of the region. Today, we teach Spanish to hundreds of students from around the world with our own uniquely developed teaching methodology. And we are even more passionate about our work.

Here are the major milestones from the first decade of our history. We moved to our current premises in 2006 and started using our own curriculum and study materials. By 2007 we felt confident enough to open up a second school in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the same philosophy, similar prices and the same teaching approach. In 2009, our school successfully implemented a total quality program, which led to further professionalization in the way we operate. From 2010 – 2016 we joined Tandem International, a network of language institutes. By 2011, we created a quality alliance with partner schools in Cordoba, Argentina and Santiago de Chile, called AMERIGO. In the same year we launched Academia Bariloche in cooperation with two local professionals. In 2012 our school in Uruguay became an associated school of the Cervantes Institute. Starting 2017, Academia Buenos Aires also became an associated school of the Cervantes network.

The most important testament to our success is not institutional membership, but the growing number of our students and their positive feedback. Some students stay for as little as a week, others for a whole year. The one thing they all share, irrespective of their ages or educational background, is their interest in getting to know Argentina and the Spanish language. This is an important point as it creates a very special “learning atmosphere”. Our students see Academia Buenos Aires as more than simply a place to learn a language. Many students see us as their point of reference for their entire stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina or even Latin America. They stay after school to chat, ask for information about touristic sites and life in Buenos Aires, share their stories, drink mate and plan their next trip together. We as an academia try our best to personalize our services and to make everyone feel comfortable in a relaxed setting. academia-buenos-aires-video-with-watermark

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