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in Argentina and Uruguay.


Other schools

Academia Buenos Aires maintains links with schools around the world, many of which are members of the Tandem® International network of independent private language schools run by education specialists. The network

  • creates cross-cultural awareness and understanding through language learning,
  • offers personalized attention to students in all phases of the learning experience,
  • promotes social and ecological responsibility through concrete projects, and
  • encourages the exchange of information, expertise and support among members.

These language schools distinguish themselves through their high quality and efficiency of teaching, and their friendly atmosphere. The schools place special emphasis on the cultural integration of their students, through facilitating language exchange with native speakers.

Interested in other languages? Click on the respective school to find out more information.

German courses

• Germany: Berlin / Bielefeld / Bremen / Colonia / Dresden / Frankfurt / Göttingen / Hamburg / Munich

Italian courses

• Italia: Florencia / Milan / Roma / Venecia

Spanish courses

• Uruguay: Montevideo (not Tandem)
• Spain: Granada / Madrid / San Sebastián
• Chile: Santiago
• Argentina: Buenos Aires (not Tandem)

French courses

• France: Toulouse / Montpellier

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