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Cervantes Institute

Academia Buenos Aires has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes (Cervantes institute), which means it meets the conditions set by the Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centres, the only international accreditation exclusively focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Instituto Cervantes in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Instituto Cervantes in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Academia Buenos Aires is the first and only language center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to have received this quality certification. We see our accreditation as a reward for our commitment to academic excellence and quality of the services provided.

While the Instituto Cervantes is a Spanish public organization and a leading authority in Spanish language learning, Academia Buenos Aires is dedicated to transmitting Hispanic culture in general and argentine culture and linguistic specificities in particular.

Academia Buenos Aires’ school in Montevideo (Academia Uruguay) is also part of the network of Accredited Centers of the Cervantes Institute.

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