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in Argentina and Uruguay.



All of our staff are professional Spanish teachers with relevant university degrees from top universities in Argentina (or in their last year of study). All of them are native speakers, of course. Most of them speak at least two other languages and have extensive experience in working with students from abroad. As obvious as this may sound, our teachers are a key ingredient of our service offering and they heavily contribute to making your stay a productive and an enjoyable one. Our teaching staff has been rigorously selected, we pay among the highest wages in town and we attract the best talent. Academic credentials are a prerequisite for teachers in most schools. At Academia Buenos Aires, we also guarantee open-minded, motivated teachers who can bring across the necessary teaching content. Some of our teachers also teach literature at the prestigious Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Our academic director’s objective is not only to coordinate classroom activities, but also to maintain our high teaching quality standards. A graduate from the prestigious Universidad de Buenos Aires, Mariela has been teaching languages in both private and public settings for almost 20 years. On top of her linguistic qualifications, she has worked as a licensed psychologist, coordinating groups in health institutions. Mariela and her assistants cover a wide range of functions at our school, from level testing to teacher evaluation, curriculum evolution and classroom planning. native spanish teachers at academia buenos aires

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