Learn Spanish

in Argentina and Uruguay.



Founders of Academia Buenos AiresMaria Marta. 40 years old. Argentinian. Maria is a trained psychologist with a graduate degree in Social Policies. She has travelled extensively throughout Latin America. Maria is a busy mother to Ulises, her son.
Virginia. 38 years old. From Uruguay. Virginia is a professional contemporary dancer, and while not travelling, works as co-director of a dance company and teaches classes at the university. She loves reading Latin American literature and drinking Mate. She has two children, Olivia and Helena.
Francisco. 46 years old. Argentinian. Francisco has worked for years with the National Council, where he has worked with street children. He works as actor, does movie castings and is designer of theatre costumes.
Federico. 44 years old. German. Federico holds a doctorate in sociology and worked as a professor at a local university. He has lived many years in France, but then travelled to Buenos Aires and got stuck here.

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