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in Argentina and Uruguay.



Buenos Aires is never more alive than it is at night. It is what you’d expect from a city that invented tango. Avenues come alive with people on their way to restaurants and theatres, especially in the barrios of Puerto Madero and Recoleta. People like to dress up and stay out until dawn. The barrios of Palermo and Belgrano attract a young crowd of clubbers who never start partying before 2 a.m.

There is an abundance of nightlife options for all tastes and ages. Elegant restaurants, trendy nightclubs and glamorous dance floors await visitors, while stylish bars offer cozy ambiance for those who are looking for more intimacy. Anyone who visits the city can’t miss a tango show. There are several major venues, most of them in San Telmo, where you may also try yourself out in a milonga bar. After dinner or a night of dancing, Porteños like to grab a coffee at one of the city’s myriad cafes, chat, and perhaps watch the sunrise.

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