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Don’t let the size, traffic and the blaring horns of Buenos Aires fool you. There are many green areas to recharge your batteries after a long day of classes. These are our favorite spots in Buenos Aires for a nice long run or a relaxing walk, or just for catching up with friends.


  • Parque Rivadavia: This less known park is famous among the locals for its central location (a hidden gem close to Rio de Janeiro subway station) and its tranquility. It is a perfect place for reading and there is often a large feria de libros with second hand books.
  • Jardin Botanico Carlos Thays: In the heart of Palermo, the Jardin Botanico is a tourist attraction and a weekend getaway for the city’s residents. It is so quiet that once you are in the center of the park you can easily forget that you’re in the capital. (Our insider tip: the botanic garden is one of the best make-out spots in Buenos Aires.)
  • Bosques de Palermo: One of the largest and probably the most popular green area of Buenos Aires, the parks of Palermo attract visitors of all ages throughout the year. On the trails you will find joggers, roller skaters and bicyclists competing for space with the walkers, while it is also a local favorite to have a picnic with friends and families. Don’t forget to visit the Rosedal (a picturesque rosary) on a Sunday afternoon when you can listen to folklore or tango music.
  • Reserva Ecologia Costanera Sur: The city’s ecological reserve is one of the most natural parts of Buenos Aires. The area is home to hundreds of different bird species and fauna, but is more popular for its trails for joggers, walkers and bikers (bikes can be rented along the Costanera). It is a lovely place for a picnic or for enjoying superb views over the Rio de Plata with a mate. It is a must to try a choripan at one of the parillas outside the park!
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