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in Argentina and Uruguay.


Getting around

  • Flights

The size of the country and limitations of time usually justify taking a flight when going on trips in or outside of the country.  Buenos Aires has two airports:  International flights arrive at Ezeiza, about 40 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires, while domestic and regional flights land at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, 20 minutes from downtown (by taxi). There are currently two major airlines operating national flights. Prices vary by season and in some cases are higher for foreigners. The average domestic round-trip will cost you anywhere between US$ 200 and US$ 500. Flying from the extreme north to the south takes around 5 hours. Flights should be booked locally. One-way trips are possible.You can check the website of Aerolineas Argentina and LAN for flights and schedules. Major international carriers include: Aeroflot, Avianca, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air France, American Airlines, Alitalia, Aeroperu, Austral, BQB, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Dinar, Iberia, KLM, Lan Chile, Lloyd Aero Boliviano, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, South African Airways, Swissair, TAM, Vasp.

  • Buses

Travelling by bus in Latin-America can change your preconception about bus journeys. Long-distance buses are fast and comfortable; some even provide on-board meal services. Most fares are relatively cheap by international standards, but prices fluctuate.The journeys can be pretty long, usually involving overnight trips (Buenos Aires – Ushuaia = 48 hours). Click here to check and compare offers of various companies.

  • Trains

Private operators have assumed control of the formerly state-owned railways, but have shown little interest in providing passenger service except on the overcrowded and underfunded commuter lines in and around Buenos Aires. One surviving train line connects Buenos Aires and Bahía Blanca on the coast. One rather slow train line now connects Buenos Aires with the province of Formosa in the north. Another new line connects the Atlantic coast with San Martín de los Andes.

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