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Music is an important part of the Argentinean culture and tango is the most genre. The origin of tango is unclear but it is generally thought that it found its roots in the late 19th century of Buenos Aires and Montevideo (Uruguay). Dance and music of seasonal workers, European immigrants, South American gauchos and descendants of slaves mixed up in the working class neighborhoods.academia-buenos-aires-music-recommendation

Classic tango

  • Carlos Gardel – probably the most prominent figure in the history of tango.
  • Ástor Piazzola – his music was a revolution of the traditional tango into a new style
  • Aníbal Carmelo Troilo – during his heydays as bandleader he achieved a pop star status
  • Osvaldo Pugliese – because of his criticism of the military junta, his shows were often censored

Modern tango

 Argentinean pop music

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