Learn Spanish

in Argentina and Uruguay.

Online group classes

This course is designed for students around the world who want to study Spanish from the comfort of their home or their office and are serious about improving their skills. It combines 4 hours of teacher-led classroom settings via zoom and 4 hours of self-study on our online platform and app, per week.

Start date

every first Monday of the month.


the course is booked monthly, but is open-ended until you have reached your objectives in the curriculum (we offer 8 skill levels).

Hours per day

two hours of classes with your teacher, twice a week. Plus work on the platform, at your pace.


All levels, beginners-very advanced. We start courses on levels A1, A2, B1 every first Monday of the month and on other levels upon demand (check for availability here)


Usually group classes run in the afternoon, Argentine time. That’s about the same for the Americas and early evening according to Standard European time and very early-morning Asian time. As an alternative, check out our individual classes.

Maximum number of students per online class


our academic coordinator suggests the appropriate level for each student after an online placement test

participation certificate for every participant (with grades for all participants that pass the exam). University credits possible, please check with our academic coordinator.


optional, at the end of the course


Price per month (approximately 16 hours of synchronous classes with teachers plus approximately 16 hours of asynchronous work on the platform). Courses are paid monthly, in advance, through our online payment system.
Price does not include the 50 USD inscription fee.


This course offers 4 hours of classes per week in very small groups and is focussed on substantially improving your Spanish skill level. The classes are taught twice a week by our experienced and trained instructors. You will have to study autonomously during the remainder of the week, for approximately another 4 hours. Your autonomous study will be through our online platform and app Mi Español, which helps you exercise what you have learnt in class and helps you prepare for the following class. It is accessible 24/24 and 7/7 and allows you to also communicate with your teacher and fellow students at any time. To learn more about Mi Español, click here. The platform uses a wide range of videos, audios, texts relevant to the topic you study in class and specially designed for our curriculum. It engages you through all kinds of interactive exercises, games and tasks to resolve. 

Beware: this course is aimed at progress. If you feel you cannot commit 4 fixed and 4 flexible hours per week in your agenda, we suggest you book individual classes at your own pace.

What is included in the price? (All our courses include the following:)
– Teaching materials accesible on our online platform and app.
– Level test, oral and written, before starting
– Optional exams at the end of each level and at the end of your course.
– Certificate including the amount of hours and level attained (plus grade if you passed the exam)

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