Learn Spanish

in Buenos Aires – Argentina and Uruguay.

Academia Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a Spanish school that offers Spanish language courses
Come and learn Spanish in the historic city center of Buenos Aires!
Academia Buenos Aires, Argentina, has particular methods for teaching spanish and highly qualified spanish teachers
Our unique methods and personal approach guarantee faster learning and deliver results.
Academia Buenos Aires, Argentina, offers a series of extracurricular activities in addition to intensive spanish courses
We will help you put into practice what you learn in your Spanish class.
Academia Buenos Aires in Argentina offers you a wide variety of spanish and housing programs
Study Spanish in Buenos Aires for a life-changing experience...
New workshops, free of charge!

Open for students of all levels, outside of school hours: phonetics, audio, conversation, narration, … [Read More...]

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Volunteer work

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Special offer !

50% discount on reservations for travel partners at Academia Buenos Aires, Argentina! If you make a reservation at … [Read More...]

Spanish and Tango in Buenos Aires …

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New course: Medical Spanish

A course with a strong practical orientation designed for medical students, physicians and other health … [Read More...]

3 Reasons to choose us

Academic quality

Our teaching methods incorporate the latest advances in Spanish education to ensure effective results.

Cultural immersion

We engage and enable our students to apply their knowledge in the real world.

Professional services

You focus on learning the language, while we help you handle the rest.

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