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What infrastructure should I expect during my stay with a family or in a shared apartment?

You will have your own well-lit room, with – as a minimum – a bed, linen, a place to store your clothes, a chair, a desk, a heater or fan in summer. In most cases, you have a window or a door with window. You will share baths, living rooms, kitchens, etc. Different apartments have different quality furnishings and that is one of the reasons why prices are different. Superior housing is defined as having one or more of the following characteristics: air conditioning, private bathroom, private balcony, special location etc. Please note that different countries have different habits and also different ways of living. What is considered luxury or a status symbol in one country may not be considered that way in other countries. Styles vary internationally. Please also take into consideration that living standards in your own country may not be the same as in Argentina. Most of our families are middle-class, but their purchasing power may not be the same as that of a middle-class family in Europe or Canada. We believe that what is important is that you feel comfortable where you are staying and that you enjoy the cultural experience of meeting and exchanging with people in a foreign country.

Posted in: Accommodation

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