Aprenda espanhol

na Argentina e no Uruguai.


Jeff Wright, Tucson, Arizona, United States

I had a great experience at Academia Buenos Aires. I started last year, at the end of September, and finished in February of this year (though I did take a month off in December). I’m still using the Spanish I learned at Academia! I wasn’t sure whether to go with Academia or another language school, since there are quite a few in BsAs. I ended up going with Academia because I liked the website the best, honestly. I was surprised by how quickly I was learning and how effective the program was. I enjoyed living in BsAs…it’s a crazy city but I like it. Probably my favorite thing about the city is the abundance of parks. People in BsAs go to the parks and sip a mate every weekend, or whenever they have a break from work. I started doing that too. I would definitely recommend Academia Buenos Aires, especially Alej! It’s a great program and I still use the Spanish I learned…from Uruguay to Belize!
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