Apprendre l’Espagnol

en Argentine et en Uruguay.


Kylie Oakes, Australia

Being from Australia it is not that common to speak Spanish however it was a language I fell in love with when I was a teenager!  I was 39 and considering learning Spanish??  Did I have concerns? ABSOLUTELY!!  Taking a career break and embarking on year of travel through South America, Cuba and Central America I need to be able to speak at least some Spanish and besides it had been on my list for 20 years!!  I was so scared that I was too old or that my brain was too full or that I just wouldn’t be good at learning another language as I’d never tried before.  I wanted to learn Spanish when I finished school but work and career took over and that all fell by the wayside.  Now at 39 I can communicate in Spanish and it is one of my proudest achievements.  This would not have been possible without the care and dedication of the entire team at Academia Buenos Aires.  I took classes in group and one on one for approximately 10 weeks and now when I look back I loved every minute of every hour of every day spent there, one of the best experiences of my life!!!! The biggest surprise for me was how little I knew about the English language!!  I was also pleasantly surprised and impressed with how considerate the teachers were of goals and making sure I was concentrating on the right areas.  I also loved Monday morning medialunas!! The most amazing part for me was my home stay with Marisa, she is truly a wonderful   encouragement and patience and love.  I felt I had a home not just a room in a house.  Also Bettina one of the teachers really went out of her way to teach me the true essence of Porteño culture and living, for that I will be eternally grateful.  Also the hand books are fabulous, I have and still am carting them around with me so I am always revising, a bit OCD but I love them! Without a doubt I would recommend the Academy!!  I plan to make a regular visit back to the academy to further my Spanish.  Academia Buenos Aires is everything I could want in one building, friendly, efficient, understanding, focused and above all fun!!  I just loved everything about it and I am so thankful that I experienced life in BsAs with the academy.  Thank you for teaching me Spanish and enabling me to travel successfully in Spanish countries with confidence, and thank you for introducing me to friends I have made for life.  I will be back!

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