Apprendre l’Espagnol

en Argentine et en Uruguay.


Kasey Altstock, Australia

I came to Buenos Aires with the soul purpose of learning Spanish and that is exactly what I’m able to achieve through Academia Buenos Aires. Before arriving in Argentina all I knew how to say in Spanish was ¡Hola! with my strong Australia accent, but now after 11 weeks as you can see above, I have learn a bloody lot. I’m really glad I chose Academia because it is a smaller school that really focuses on helping you learn the language. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of teaching me is really friendly and encouraging when I struggle to express my thoughts in Spanish. They are all here to help you in whatever way they can, whether you want extra homework, to help organizing a weekend trip, or just if you want to have a chat. I can say without a doubt all the staff here are fantastic. Not only that, but you can meet people from all over the world and all walks of life. I’ve had the pleasure of being in classes with others people from 15 years to 60 years from Holland, United States, Brazil and Korea just to name a few. Some of these people you get to know quite well and so not only am I able to learn all about Argentina and the culture, people and history but you also have the once in a life time opportunity to learn about other countries too! I would highly recommend that you select Academia Buenos Airesand maybe like me, you might become that student that never wants to leave! I’m now going to travel around South America for 6 weeks, and thanks to all these lessons I will have no problems getting around. Well the only problem is that I will sound like an Argentinian (as they have a different dialect to the rest of South America), I then plan on returning back to this school to continue to learn as much Spanish as my brain can possible handle. I’ve written a blog about my life here in Argentina, if you are interesting in finding out more as it might influence your decision to visit this beautiful country you can read more here.

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