New Spanish workshops, free of charge!

Open for students of all levels, outside of school hours: spanish phonetics, audio, conversation, narration, tutorials.

Spanish tutorials

Frequency: once a week

Duration: 1 hour

Description: If you have doubts or questions about spanish grammar or other subjects you studied over the past week, you are welcome to join our weekly tutorial on Thursdays. You are free to join if you like, at no extra charge, and you will meet students from other levels all of whom learn spanish and have their specific questions and are offered special exercises.

Spanish phonetics workshop

Frequency: once a fortnight

Duration: 1 hour or 1.5 hours

Description: Learn Spanish phonetics! Once every 14 days this workshop offers students the opportunity to practise and improve their pronunciation and intonation specific to the Spanish language. Every workshop deals with a specific theme. We will indicate beforehand which level of students will benefit most from each workshop.

Spanish audio workshop

Frequency: once a fortnight

Duration: 1 hour

Description: In this workshop at our Spanish school, students of all levels listen to the same audio material and according to their level work on specific themes. The idea is for students to practise and improve their audio comprehension and to develop strategies for understanding messages in airports, train stations, TV, radio and obviously understanding conversations between native Spanish speakers.

Spanish conversation workshop

Frequency: once a fortnight,Thursdays

Duration: 1 hour

Description: The objective of this workshop is for students to talk in Spanish and discuss about different subjects. Participants operate different conversation strategies according to their level and use adequate tools to express opinions, feelings, needs etc.

Spanish narration workshops

Frequency: once a fortnight

Duration: 1 hour

Description: In this workshop students at Academia Buenos Aires Spanish school meet to tell stories of all kinds: short, long, personal, invented, based on texts, images, etc. Using present or past tenses, students use tools acquired on their skill levels to tell the story they choose.

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